Saturday, October 18, 2008

Poor Nikki

I just received the following spam SMS (formatting and caps as in original):
Hi there Nikki here

There is only ONE TRUE GOD.

Christians Unity. One Name. One God.

Thanks. :)

I promptly replied:
How about first proving your God and not mine is the real one? If you can't then mine is the true god and religion.

The logical fallacy therein is intentional. I opted to use jujitsu--using the opponent's own flawed reasoning against him.

Fueled by the arrogance and thoughtlessness of texting total strangers (whose religious or nonreligious orientation s/he's totally unaware of), I followed it up with the following long missive:
If you can point to your sacred text so can I. If you underscore the 2,000 years under your tradition's belt, I will remind you mine is 3,000 years older. If you say a billion believers cant be wrong, then count the number who believed the Earth is flat and the Sun and other planets go around the Earth. If you implore me to just have faith, then I shall beseech you to have twice the faith in my god, tradition and holy book.

No jujitsu there. Just sound reasoning in literary trappings in the hopes of enlightening such a naive, parochial, unthinking soul.