Monday, September 13, 2010

Will this offend you?

I downloaded a copy of the bible. I then deleted it from my hard disk. Will fatheists be offended? Will I be accused of irreverence and desecration and insensitivity? What if I kept downloading and deleting? What's the difference between annihilating a digital copy and a printed one? What if I had burned it into a CD and took a pair of shears and cut it up? What if I had cut that CD into the shape of a cross and then tossed it into a bonfire or flushed it down the toilet?

The psychology of offense and which forms offend and which don't should be an interesting field of study.

Bearded juveniles

I really don't get all the brouhaha over the planned (but eventually aborted) burning of Korans. Much ado about ink and paper. And over a handful of mass produced copies out of millions at that. If the ancient scrolls/manuscripts/codices or the last copies on earth were the ones under threat, I'd be among those rallying to save them. But of course this is simply not the case. Just goes to show you how Mo's fanboys are slaves to their psychology. How puerile can you get? Grow up you babies.

If religionuts everywhere bought all the remaining copies by Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens, Dennett, and Darwin and burned them and even their effigies, I predict the only complaint from atheists would be that these pissants have unnecessarily contributed to climate change. Sure, go rip out the pages of The God Delusion and damn and curse atheists and burn title upon title, but please go roast your shawarma with them.