Thursday, March 13, 2008

666 + 2

Mark your calendars folks. June 6, 2008 will be a red letter day. That is, if we are to believe a Frenchman who goes by the name of Antoll Ma. On that auspicious date extraterrestrials will be arriving and will be seen in Dromon, a region somewhere in southeast France.

According to Antoll his first encounter with the extraterrestrials was on June 6, 1975 when he was 24 years old. He saw an orange ball of light in the sky. Soon thereafter he was able to talk to (or with) the occupants of what I presume to be the spacecraft. If his claim is that he talked to the aliens, I'd like to know whether they talked back. If they didn't I'd say he might as well have talked to Allah or Yahweh or Apollo. On the other hand, if he did hear voices, he'd better have had made a recording or shrinks would want to see him in their office.

I got to know of Antoll after stumbling upon one of his videos in a discussion board. Antoll has been quite busy promoting that video all over the Net, posting a link to it in a smorgasboard of discussions forums (try googling "extraterrestrial world contact June 6th"). In the video, he talks about the Dromon event. However, for that to happen Antoll says he needs our support--our presence, our belief, wish, etc. That drew a guffaw from me. He's got an out right there--if nothing happens on June 6, if no spaceship or little/giant green humanoids show up, then Antoll can blame it on a lack of numbers, lack of faith, or whatever it is he says is a prerequisite.

Early on in the video he claims that the aliens come every 6th of June. I'm just wondering why, given his cinematographic skills, he hasn't gone to the site on June 6 and filmed the orange light, spacecraft, and/or its passengers. Wouldn't that be far more convincing than just giving us a scenic tour of France and telling us his tale? Among the various ad hocs he can use to explain this away are: ETs are camera shy. Or perhaps photographic equipment suddenly malfunction in their presence. Or they only appear in Antoll's mind via telepathy. Or the idea has just never ever crossed his mind. (Having a slow Internet connection, I didn't bother checking his other videos where he might have actual photographic and other types of evidence.)

In his June 24, 2007 entry, Antoll posted what he claims to be a page from the magazine Le Nouveau Détective. The first line, "'Je suis Antoll Ma, le futur maître du monde,'" piqued my curiosity since I wanted to know what "future ___ of the the world" he was claiming to be. I ran "maître" through the Babel Fish translator and discovered Antoll to be suffering from delusions of grandeur. In earlier blog entries he had mentioned and talked about "masters of the world." Perhaps after years of intense deliberation Antoll finally found who the grand master is. I'm surprised he didn't make the connection earlier since he blatantly tells us in a 2004 entry that "Antoll Ma" is a name like that of Jesus Christ.

Come June 6 we just might just see Antoll and his "Ma-ians" gathered in Theopolis, the "land of the Apocalypse" (which must be that mountaintop in Dromon). May I suggest they do so in 2012 instead when the Mayan calendar supposedly abruptly ends. Antoll believes in Jung's synchronicity so I'm sure he'll be ecstatic about this wondrous homonymic discovery I've made. (Maybe in appreciation he'll make me one of the masters. Well, if so, I sure hope the ETs speak English.)

Nanu nanu.

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