Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Del Monte pineapple enema

Some months ago I came across a Del Monte pineapple juice ad that touted the product as an aid in ridding the body of toxins. Upon hearing the radio commercial I slapped my head and blurted, "Good grief! Even Del Monte has ventured into woowoo." In later versions of the ad campaign the company even hired a celebrity to get the detoxification message across. (I get a kick whenever a some star endorses woowoo--it just reinforces the stereotype that they're airheads).

I'm blogging about this just now because that Del Monte marketing inanity was the first thing that popped into my head when a friend shared this detox myth article.

There's more detox news from Dr. David Colquhoun and Ben Goldacre.

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Anonymous said...

FDA and FTC regulations prohibit food companies from making unwarranted health claims in advertisements or on product labels. If Del Monte is claiming that pineapples remove toxins, then it can be slapped down by the feds.