Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The miracle we need is the extinction of ignorance

When religionists jump up in joy upon hearing a supposed medical miracle what I hear their consciousness/unconscious telling me is:
I'm really so hungry for signs. So without even having the foggiest idea of the thousands of medical events occurring daily worldwide, I find this one--in my medical and scientific ignorance--to be extraordinary and see it as a miracle--a supernaturally caused event. Forget the fact that this medical event is (merely) a statistical outlier (occurring at the tail end of the bell curve--the positive end of course, not the negative). And perish the thought that I'm calling this a miracle not because there is evidence for the supernatural but because I am--in my breathtaking ignorance again of course--at a loss for the real explanation. No one else seems to know or wants to provide a natural explanation, therefore, in unabashed hubris I declare that I do know and that it was caused by G, and mind you not just any G, but my G. It is a miracle because I want to believe it is and I say it is. Now f**k off and leave me to my delusions.

Folks, beware of this mind virus. Prevent infection and save your mind. Inoculate yourself at the nearest critical thinking clinic.


Anonymous said...

Very good synopsis. I thought about going into medicine but my brushes with M.D.'s who were Jesus freaks was just too much for me.

I'm an excellent diagnostician though but I apply it to computers now.

Anonymous said...

bravo. Another excellent post. I wish you would post more often.