Monday, April 19, 2010

Ruse gives Church a two thumbs down

Philosopher Michael Ruse isn't exactly a fan of the Four Horsemen even as he is very much against creationism and its current evolutionary descendant Intelligent Design. Apparently, however, the continuing revelations of sexual abuses and cover-ups in the Catholic Church has pushed Ruse into Dawkins' camp, at least in the matter of wishing for the the Fall of the Catholic Church.
Richard Dawkins, wrote a highly emotive piece for the Washington Post, in which he derided the present pope and expressed glee and satisfaction that such a person was now leading the Catholic Church. In Dawkins's judgment, not only was this no less than the Church deserved, but such leadership could only hasten the Church's demise. I thought at the time that Dawkins was over the top and wrong. I now think that he was right and that it was I who was wrong. Let me say at once that, unlike Dawkins, I don't necessarily want to see this as the end of religion or even of the Catholic Church in some form. I stress that although I cannot share the beliefs of Christians, I respect them and applaud the good that is done in the name of their founder. But I do now think that as presently constituted, the Catholic Church is corrupt and should be eradicated.
Great to hear that even a critic of "New Atheism" (I have problems with that term) sees how depraved the Church is.

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