Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Does God want us to pray?

Catholics beware. Praying may be hazardous to your health.

Five Mexican children were killed when a large metal cross they were praying at was struck by lightning in central Mexico, local media reported Monday.

Five children between 9 and 16 years old died and several others suffered burns when lightning struck a white-painted metal cross set on a hill in the town of Santa Maria del Rio early on Sunday, according to two newspaper reports.

“The lightning went straight into them and killed them instantly,” local Red Cross chief Eduardo Suarez told the daily El Norte.

What's that? God is all-loving? How about all-absent, all-imaginary?

Oh sure! God didn't do this. He wasn't at all responsible for this "act of god." It must've been his satan, the antichrist, or some renegade supernatural terrorist who's learned a thing or two from bin Laden & Co. who perpetrated this diabolical deed. And because of the Prime Directive, His Highness, the Omnipotent and Omnibenevolent One, was utterly impotent and couldn't snap his fingers to save a few innocent children since their ghastly death while praying to him is part of some friggin divine plan (all the world's a stage and we're pawns in a divine comedy that tickles him pink). And that we instead ought to be happy(!) and should rejoice(!) because the souls of these electrocuted, toasted corpses are now romping and prancing with the Almighty D*ckhead. And that yak yak yak blah blah blah yada yada yada.

For cripes sake, when will believers put an end to their flood of unjustifiable, unsubstantiable ad hoc rationalizations and face the empirical facts that contradict and confute their delusory, epistemologically unsupportable theologies?!

Belief in gods is the greatest bullshit ruse ever pulled off! It must be the most effective means ever invented to f**ck up people's brains.

(news via Pharyngula)

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Bronze Dog said...

Don't you know? The pain and suffering their parents are going through are for the greater good! The ends justify the means.

Gawd, I hate religion like that.