Monday, May 08, 2006

The elastomer-based extraterrestrial

CSICOP's Joe Nickell reports that the (in)famous film of an alleged Roswell alien autopsy may be about to be shelved for good. Someone has come out of the (holly)woodwork to lay claim on his opus.

Manchester sculptor and special-effects creator, John Humphreys, now claims the Roswell alien was his handiwork, destroyed after the film was made. He made the revelation just as a new movie, "Alien Autopsy," was being released, a film for which he recreated the original creature. As he told the BBC, "Funnily enough, I used exactly the same process as before. You start with the stills from the film, blow them up as large as you can. Then you make an aluminum armature, which you cover in clay, and then add all the detail." The clay model was used to produce a mold that yielded a latex cast.

Humphreys also admitted that in the original autopsy film he had himself played the role of the pathologist, whose identity was concealed by a contamination suit.


Bronze Dog said...

Obviously, he's being paid by the king of the potato people to cover the whole thing up by discrediting the film.

Heathen Mike said...

Every Skeptic's Circle brings me to a new site I didn't know about before that I have to bookmark. Now there's one more place I have to go to read every day!