Saturday, December 09, 2006

A not so bright reply?

Was just pondering. The reply "a Bright new year to you" may be construed as a move to (de)convert the other into nonbelief. I submit that is certainly a possibility. And if it is taken as such would I object and go on the defensive? I don't know. Probably not. I do want believers to see the irrationality of believing in supernatural claims and how a supernaturalistic worldview isn't that different from wishful thinking and fantasy.

I need to think more about this. Not that it's a terribly bad idea. I just want to further explore the possible cons of wishing people to be or become brights.

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Invisible Dragon said...

I am mostly a lurker, as I am apparently not hardwired for deep philosophical thought. I love to hear other people untangling these things, though. In the matter of seasonal greetings, I've taken a cue from a 'Simpsons' episode and gone with Annual Gift-Giving Day. So far, no one has physically attacked me, but I do get some sheep-ish stares.