Thursday, January 11, 2007


Just sighted the following bumper sticker (white fonts on red background) on the car in front of me. Took a picture of it using my phone's camera but its resolution is just too low and the image too blurry to make out.


In case of rapture

this car will be unmanned

There's a little stylized Christian fish symbol on the bottom right. Without the fish this could easily be satire. With it, I don't know how seriously it was intended to be. Nor what the owner of the car was thinking when he stuck it.

Here's one that leaves no doubt as to its creator:

And no, the children won't be raptured since they're of Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist, and Zoroastrian parents.

Maybe I'll stick the following on mine:


In case of alien abduction
this car will rematerialize in my garage

Beam me us up, ET!

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