Monday, March 22, 2010

A multi-reincarnated bad-energy busting hypnotherapist

Alice McCall is a psychologist who I think you may agree needs to have her head examined before she merrily goes off examining others'.
McCall said she discovered her own past lives in 2000 and used her knowledge when diagnosed with breast cancer. Through regression therapy, McCall says she learned of her past lives, dealt with unresolved issues and was healed of her cancer.

Since then she has gone on to help others discover their own past lives and facilitate healing of physical and mental maladies.

“I don’t go looking for them, they just come up during hypnotherapy,” she said.

As for her own lives, McCall knows of more than 15, possibly more than 20. She says she once was a high priestess and leader of a mystic school in Egypt during the time of the pyramids.

Hey, if she was a priestess, then I was King Tut. Just to make it very clear, Dr. Hawass, I own that pyramid in the desert, ok?

McCall is one heck a woowoo. Apart from her two dozen or so former lives, she talks of "negative energy" which she claims makes us "malfunction." She practises "holistic" healing--which usually translates to "a mish mash of treatment options, however wacky, ridiculous, untested, or disproved they may really be."

In her website she talks more about this bad energy.
The basic premise behind Alice McCall's energy healing is that when you hold on to a strong negative thought or emotion, it can be buried in your body. The memory of it is held in your cell as a negative, dark dense energy.

Whoa! Dark, dense energy trapped in our cells. She must talking about mitochondria, right? And "negative" ATP in those power plants, right? (A type of energy which the hundreds of thousands of biologists and biochemists have somehow missed in the last hundred years of study). Or could she be alluding to dark energy in the cosmos? Or ultra high gravity black holes perhaps?

So how do you counter cytologically-entrenched evil energy? Why you turn to sky daddy of course. Thus, McCall uses "God-based" energy healing to "remove blocks of dense, negative energy at the cellular level."

I didn't even bother checking out everything on Alice's site. It's a Wonderland and the rabbit hole I can tell is pretty deep.

Another quack, another crank. Isn't there an agency in Florida that can restrain this nutcase from treating the sick?

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