Thursday, January 26, 2006

Love is as love does

Pope Benedict XVI's first encyclical is entitled "God is love." I wonder which deity he's referring to. The one I know masterminded a worldwide slaughter of all humans and killing of all terrestrial plants and animals by drowning them; had commanded one of his toadies to sacrifice his son to test the toady's loyalty; had given His satan the thumbs up to inflict calamity after calamity after calamity upon some fella named Job culminating in the murder of his sons, again to test this bloke's loyalty; had hardened the heart of some king of an ancient city near the Nile, and because this king--whom He had made sure would be recalcitrant--didn't accede to His request He murdered hundreds or thousands of children--all first-borns I believe; had told His chosen tribe on various occasions to go forth and kill (and spare no one), pillage, and rape ....

Benedict certainly can't be talking about that deity, can he?


Bronze Dog said...

Said king with hardened heart was also similarly coerced into a parted river and drowned for the "glory" of said deity.

Poor king. Used as a helpless pawn in a plot that involved lots of environmental disasters, the slaughtering of innocent children, and then drowned. Never had a chance to make his own decisions in the matter.

Edwardson said...

Moses' supremo makes psychopaths look like saints. Er, uh, how many counts of genocide, anthropocide, infanticide, ... is this nutcase charged with? And how many counts of failure to save his chosen people did the Jews charge him with after the Holocaust?