Friday, January 20, 2006

Mary's in Maine

A woman in Maine found the above image of the Virgin Mary on a wall of her burnt home. And I thought it was Little Red Riding Hood. My bad.
[Veronica] Dennis' home caught fire Sunday morning after a space heater in her daughter's bedroom ignited a bed and a nearby dog bed. The image was revealed when she removed a framed painting from the kitchen wall, which was blackened by smoke and fire.
So that's where she's been hiding all this time. Had to take a fire to smoke her out, huh. Dennis' neighbor Marlene Gile--now turned prophet--declared that
viewing the image led her to believe that it could be [a] message from a higher being.

"I just believe that God's letting her know that she's not alone. It means things will get better, and, like I told her, things will get better."

PS. Now the soot on the wall looks to me like a teepee with a cooking/heating fire going inside, or a volcano with ash spewing off its top, or ...


Bronze Dog said...

Funny, I thought it was Cecil the sea serpent in a bad mood. Where's Beanie?

Anonymous said...

I thought it looked like Munch's "The Scream".

Edwardson said...

Don't let Dr. Rorschach hear you say that.

I like that painting ... in an odd kind of way. Had it as my wallpaper for a week. Ze goot doctor sez I am nyoorotic.