Tuesday, March 28, 2006

He's come out of the woodwork again

Even before reading Myers' commentary I immediately knew that this time around Jesus was paying tribute to that evil bastard atheist Picasso.

Here's the seller's blurb for his $999 plank:
As I sat in my kitchen one morning, I noticed that a plank on our deck, framed by an outdoor chair, appeared to be a CLEAR image of Jesus....

I never considered that something like this could happen to our family. I thought that other objects like this were fodder for jokes and disbelief -- but this is real.

Jesus' face can be seen so clearly.

I think there is a greater purpose for the image. It needs to be shared with many. It could be used by some individual for their own purposes, but I think there is a greater destiny of which I am not aware.

Ok, I give in. The believers win! I too want the Lord and Savior in my life. No need to prod me. I'm off to our local Church of Home Depot to find Him at the lumber section. At 10,000% profit I'm sold!

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