Monday, March 27, 2006

Oops! Wasn't ET after all

Zeus had dunnit! Some Russian researchers are attributing the circular patterns to lightning:
“Two young workers and I were testing high-voltage hardware. The cable that we used to supply the current was hanging 10 meters above the ground when suddenly it discharged an artificial lightning strike on to the lawn below. And the grass bent in even clockwise circles,” the researcher said. He added that they conducted several experiments and got crop circles of about 5 meters in diameter.

Another argument backing up this theory is the fact that real crop circles are often accompanied by so called lichtenberg figures — narrow strips of bent grass, usually left by a lightning strike.

Now that I'd like metereologists, other scientists, and CSICOP to check out! I wonder if circlemakers has a Russian chapter.


Homer tells us that among his other royal duties Zeus is the lord of lightning. (Jenny March, Cassell's Dictionary of Classical Mythology, UK: Cassell & Co., 1998, p. 790)

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