Friday, April 21, 2006

I've just been contacted by the police

Last year I sent a letter to the the Singapore police informing them of a "magic stones" scam which was being perpetrated via international mail, and which had a Singapore return address. In that snail mail I included the various printed material I received. If I recall correctly the magic stones were advertized as coming from Peru and touted to have healing or whatever powers. Can't remember how much they were selling the gravel for.

Today I almost deleted an email which I thought was spam. Turns out it's a correspondence from the Commercial Crime Squad of the Central Police Division HQ. Whoa! According to the officer who wrote me they've been thus far unsuccessful in tracking down the people behind this fraudulent operation. Drats! Another bunch of scumbags got away.

Was really quite a surprise to hear from the Singapore police. I find it amazing that one year after they even bothered writing and keeping me updated. They've even kept all my contact info on file (on second thought that may not be such a good thing. I solemnly swear I will never again chew gum during my future trips to Singapore). As for me I've almost forgotten about the magic stones junk mail. Shame on me.

From the looks of it the Singaporeans do take these matters seriously, including correspondences from foreigners--as it should be of course. Kudos to Singapore! (If it isn't obvious yet, I'm hardly impartial. I simply love that country. Am just about ready to snap up a copy of Lee Kuan Yew's From Third World to First : The Singapore Story. Wonder if it'll ever be on sale.)

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