Friday, April 14, 2006

The Wacky World of Woowoo

The Father willed that His Son be sacrificed.
Jesus willingly acceded to His Father's orders.
But Jesus = God.
Ergo, God killed God.
In other words, God committed suicide.
However, God did not really die.
In fact, nobody really ever dies.


Bronze Dog said...

Not much of a sacrifice to kill yourself and not really die.

Anonymous said...

Here is a quote I have saved for a few years, from "crosshatch" (at the Atheism/Agnosticism forum at

"The first little prototype couple in God's bad science project made one mistake and 'Mister Love and Mercy' drove his own 'children' out of their home and held a grudge for century after century. His idea of clearing it all up was to climb into a virgin and pop out wearing a baby suit so that he could grow up and get nailed to a Redneck torture machine so he could pay some kind of 'sin bill' back to himself before he 'un-died' and flew back to sit at the right hand of himself so that whoever believed all this insanity wouldn't have to go to Hell because he loves us all so much."

Bronze Dog said...

That's certainly one way to put it, skeptyk. Good quote.

@.@ Madness...