Friday, January 27, 2006


Got spammed by a certain Aluna Joy Yaxkin. Was about to delete the mail when her product I AM BLESSING WATER caught my eye and made me just too curious, not least because Tabar is still sloshing in my head.

If the site's claim is true then this hogwash came out just last November. Rather than point out all the gobbledygook and nitpick all the inane claims the site makes, go visit it, get entertained and have fun. That's the only blessing this site has to offer. After you've had your fill, you can then fume over the eye-popping price they're charging for two tablespoons of water.

I know I just said I won't do a critique, but this one bit I just have to share. On their home page, in the "Scientific Proof" section, the site says their product was inspired by the discoveries of Dr. Masaru Emoto [for details of the claims of this nutcase see Lower and Randi]. In the same section the site points readers to the web site of Dr. Stuart Hammeroff. Unable to restrain myself I asked Dr. Hammeroff whether his site or work does in fact lend support to the claims the I AM site is making. His NO couldn't have been more forceful. Moreover, he says this is hardly the first time his ideas/work have been hijacked.

PS: While going through the site don't fail to discover the ultra top-secret material that terrorists use to conceal their weapons from airport x-ray machines.

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Danny Boy, FCD said...

Haha, you got that spam email too? I deleted that from my inbox last week or so.