Sunday, February 19, 2006

Finally, something straight from the shoulder

The threat of terrorism has a way of making you think twice:
Among those who decline to show the caricatures, only one, the Boston Phoenix, has been forthright enough to admit that its editors made the decision "out of fear of retaliation from the international brotherhood of radical and bloodthirsty Islamists who seek to impose their will on those who do not believe as they do. This is, frankly, our primary reason for not publishing any of the images in question. Simply stated, we are being terrorized, and as deeply as we believe in the principles of free speech and a free press, we could not in good conscience place the men and women who work at the Phoenix and its related companies in physical jeopardy."

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BEAST FCD said...

I think that's a fair statement, although not a perfect choice of action.

The Muslim threat is real enough, but sad to say they will always be the ones making the biggest noise when it comes to their stupid religion.

Great blog, by the way.

The Beast