Friday, February 17, 2006

Had He been guillotined or hanged or burned at the stake or quartered or ...

But the Italians, I mean Romans, had their own ingenious way of snuffing you out. So why not flaunt it and adorn your schools with the contraption, with a test subject hanging on it to boot?

Crosses will continue to litter Italy.

Italy's highest administrative court ruled on Wednesday that crucifixes should remain in the country's classrooms as a symbol of key Italian values .

In what could turn into a landmark decision, the 'Council of State' threw out a case brought by a Finnish woman who had asked for the removal of crucifixes in the Padua school attended by her children .

The rationale for keeping them up there:

The judges issued a 19-page statement explaining that, as well as being a religious symbol, it was also a symbol of "the values which underlie and inspire our constitution, our way of living together peacefully". They said principles such as tolerance, respect and the rights of individuals, which were now pillars of Italy's secular state, had their origins in Christianity. "In this sense the crucifix can have a highly educational symbolic function, regardless of the religion of the pupils," they added .

What bullshit!

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