Monday, June 05, 2006


On the night of May 25 the head and hands of a statue of the Blessed Virgin Dolorosa in Cauayan, Negros Occidental, Philippines were cut off and stolen. "The incident took place almost nine months after robbers also beheaded and stole the two hands of a statue of a similar patron saint in Brgy. Inayauan, Cauayan, in July last year."

Why would anyone run off with only the appendages?

There are reports that the stolen parts of statues are being used as "anting-antings" (amulets).

On the other hand, [police chief Rudy] Bico said the stolen parts of Blessed Virgin Dolorosa in Brgy. Inayauan and poblacion Cauayan, may have been used by fishermen to ensure an abundant catch of fish, or by members of a cultist group as amulets.

How amusing. The superstitious stealing from the supernaturalist. (Not that they're mutually exclusive. On the contrary.)

There's supernaturalism and there's superstition. There's the belief that invisible preternatural superheroes and supervillains exist and there's the belief that certain objects/rituals/events can bring about good/ill fortune. Both are devoid of evidence. Both are delusory.

Truly pathetic.

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