Wednesday, June 14, 2006

If the customer wants trash sell him hi tech versions of it

What's Motorola interested in? Increased sales of course. So if there's a demand for claptrap such as feng shui, well then give the public what they want since the customer is always right, right? According to Motorola,

Among known methods of evaluating surroundings is Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art of creating a harmonious environment. Recently, Feng Shui has increased in popularity in many societies around the world. Feng Shui principles are widely applied in the fields of interior decorating and real estate. Despite the increased popularity of Feng Shui, its complexity detracts ordinary people from using it to improve their overall lifestyle and associated environment.

Handheld electronic devices, such as cellular telephones and personal digital assistants, have also become more prevalent in recent years. Some handheld electronic devices today can include the capability to measure environmental characteristics.

Ergo, the Motorola Feng Shui PDA. So what does their product do?

[It] evaluates a property’s Feng Shui rating by measuring positive and negative chi and awarding plus and minus points accordingly. “Feng Shui principles are widely applied in the fields of interior decorating and real estate,” a company spokesperson explains.

The device houses a camera that checks the colour of the property, a microphone that listens for noise from nearby roads and factories and a compass to find north – a crucial factor for Feng Shui enthusiasts. It can also measure the strength of AM and FM radio signals from local radio transmitters and connect to the nearest mobile phone base station to check for indications of cellphone signal strength.

Weak radio signals indicate positive chi but strong signals mean negative chi and lead to a poor Feng Shui rating. Ironically, Motorola’s new gadget seems to help people avoid the signals that they need to connect their cellphones. It looks like city dwellers' chi may be in dire straits.

This is very serious stuff--just like astrology. Entails lots of analysis of a host of factors and a good deal of number crunching you see.

The Feng Shui analysis, for example, includes determining whether a particular measured characteristic is positive, neutral, or negative according to Feng Shui principles. Chi can be considered a measurement of Feng Shui. FIG. 5, for example, is a table illustrating criteria which can be set for positive, neutral, and negative chi for each environmental characteristic according to the principles of Feng Shui.


In Feng Shui, there is a desirable order of colors. The most favorable order of colors is that corresponding to the enhancement cycle, which is a cycle well known in Feng Shui. The enhancement cycle is shown in FIG. 6. The colors associated with the various parts of the enhancement cycle are known. Colors such as red, orange, burgundy, pink, purple are associated with fire. Colors such as brown, yellow, off-white, gray are associated with earth. Colors such as white, silver, gold, bronze are associated with metal. Colors such as black and blue are associated with water. Colors such as green and jade are associated with wood. When colors occur in the order of the enhancement cycle of FIG. 6, the Feng Shui rating of that image will be high.

Can the Motorola EVP Spirit Channeler cell phone series be far behind?

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