Thursday, September 14, 2006

End of the world? Very soon!

A couple of months ago a religious sect predicted that mushroom clouds would be sprouting the world over no later than a day after 9-11. So you thought now that Sept 12 has come and gone the House of Yahweh and its band of deluded devotees would wake up to reality. Fat chance! Never underestimate the tenacity of delusions, particularly of the religious. As Randi would say woowoos are unsinkable rubber ducks.

Unable to deny that there have been no new Hiroshimas and Nagasakis, the House of Yahweh now claims the end of the world is just around the bend, or more precisely, within 100 days. Guess, we'll have to forget about Christmas shopping (oh how I wish!). This winter is going to be the mother of all winters; a very cold and dark nuclear winter that is.
"We previously thought it (the world) would end on the night of September 12th but it failed to happen. We have given it the next 100 days. Within that period, he says, we're foreseeing powerful nuclear weapons which will strike the world and bring it to an end," Mosheh Sang, the sect leader in Njoro said.
The billion excuses that woowoos resort to after cognitive dissonance hits them are sooooo lame and soporific. Wonder what rationalization the House of Yahweh will cook up when we start welcoming 2007.

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