Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tell me, How will your brain be reconstituted once it's been devoured by worms and bacteria?

When I swat a housefly dead, does it go to a heaven for flies? And do I, as punishment, get damned to some Almighty Fly's hell to be tormented for eternity by a swarm of giant impish bugs with menacing compound eyes, spiny legs, and razor sharp mandibles? Yikes! Talk about fear factor!

Why is it that out of the millions of species on Earth (and in the universe) only one gets to live again after it dies (whatever that means)? And why is it that it just happens to be the species that's making the afterlife claim? Fishy, ain't it? And how in the universe do decomposed corpses, skeletons, and fossils even, get regenerated into the very same organism--inclusive of memory and personality?

Richard Dawkins says, "Religion teaches the dangerous nonsense that death is not the end." Indeed, how can any rational adult who has time and again seen dead cats, dogs, birds, fishes, cows, pigs, dead relatives, and has read something about how the brain is the seat of memory and personality, and has in high school studied the processes of scavenging and bacterial decomposition, sanely harbor the idea that dead Homo sapiens can and will somehow come back to life. Madness!

Many thank the high heavens they are in their right minds. But a survey of the people around the world and their beliefs reveals that most humans cherish beliefs that are patently crazy and absurd. Apparently, we live in a world where the majority are possessed by their delusions. All too many naively invest their hearts and minds in beliefs that they like and wish to be true, but for which they have no shred of evidence. I guess such is the status quo of the evolution of human gray matter.

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