Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Watch out for those "duendes"

What could those critters be?

Judge Floro Florentino is not too pleased with his three spiritual guides being referred to as dwarves or duende, as superstitious Filipinos call these elf-like beings. His brother [Robert], who first saw them, called them duende, a Spanish word of ambiguous definition.

To Filipinos, they are something like tiny magical goblins who live in forested areas. There are, according to folklore, two types: black, denoting evil which can harm, and red, who are good and can heal.

Please don't laugh. I assure you we're all going to see magical goblins including Floro's three ethereal friends Luis, Armand and Angel very soon. Mark your calendars, folks. October 31 is the red letter day.

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