Thursday, October 05, 2006

Muslim skepticism

An example of how religionists themselves are skeptical of various supernatural claims.

A hard-line Muslim youth group chopped up a 100-year-old banyan tree in central Jakarta to prove it did not have mystical powers, as rumors had led some locals to believe, officials said Tuesday.


Earlier, rumors had spread that cutting down the tree would bring bad luck because it was spared during a tree-felling drive to make way for a new bus lane in central Jakarta, she said. The rumors gained strength after people left offerings at the tree’s base

Having proved that the banyan tree lacks supernatural powers, can this youth group now turn and focus its skepticism and debunking skills on the entity they worship and adore? I certainly am not holding my breath. On the other hand, I'm expecting to see these machete-wielding fanatics gunning for me.

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