Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Jesus saves? Apparently not.

Not only has Jeebus not cured this devotee, the all-loving, omnipotent creator failed to keep him from slipping, falling, and sustaining fractures and head trauma. (Go watch the video.)

Alipio Acosta, climbed the 45-foot tall statue on Ocaca, Colombia, asking his savior to be cured of epilepsy. After several moments on top of the statue, the farmer started to climb back down.

Due to rainfall at the time, the statue's surface was slippery, causing Acosta to lose his grip and fall.

According to Freddy Morales, the doctor who treated Acosta, he had "Craneoencefalico trauma, he has his left wrist fractured as well as his left hip."

Craneoencefalico trauma is a cerebral injury caused by external force, which can produce a diminished or altered consciousness and, possibly, a deficit of cognitive abilities and/or physical function.

Two years ago, Acosta climbed the sculpture Cristo Ray for the first time asking for the same miracle.

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