Thursday, November 23, 2006

Why don't I hear the male doctors present complaining?

Dawkins protested when the producers chose to call the tv program Root of All Evil? The question mark was the only concession he received. Dawkins rightly clarifies that nothing is the root of all anything. But then he also follows that up saying religion has surely been the cause of various evils. The following must certainly qualify.

RIYADH - Women at a hospital in the Saudi capital, including doctors and journalists, were forced to leave a lecture about Islam’s stance on organ donation because they were women, reported Saudi- based Arab News on Wednesday.

The sheikh who gave the lecture, a university professor, refused to enter the room until it was emptied of women. In the beginning, some women protested but in the end they gave in so the man could give the presentation.

In the same tv program Dawkins tells us that some people are ahead and some lag behind in moral development. Given his behavior this Muslim professor obviously kept receiving an F in Ethics 101.

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