Wednesday, November 22, 2006

No need to empty himself. He already is.

Was in the doctor's clinic yesterday. While waiting I picked up the Inquirer on the table and found myself drawn to the latest enlightening piece by Jaime Licauco. Apparently he had the privilege of interviewing one of Tibet's spiritual leaders last week. Most of the article is devoted to the Karmapa's replies. Licauco concludes with the following revelation:

Now even quantum physicists believe there is really nothing out there. Everything is maya or illusion. When we desire something of this world, we are desiring or pursuing what is not there.

Quantum physicists discovered that when they started probing the ultimate component of matter, there was only empty space. This has led to a rethinking of what really constitutes the material universe. It is consistent with Buddhist philosophy that everything is maya or illusion.

Yes, indeed there are in fact vast spaces between the nucleus of an atom and the electrons orbiting it. If the proton-neutron core were the size of a pea, the electrons would be circling some hundred meters away. And we can easily prove that even the hardest, densest rock is just empty space. Let's have Jimmy do the honors. Jimmy, kindly take a minute off from that next article you're firing off on your computer and climb to the top of the Inquirer building. Now jump off the roof. There! I'm sure you'll just go through the concrete parking lot and out the other side of the planet since it's all only illusory, only maya, all just empty space. Come to think what really makes this amazing feat possible is that your brain is 100% empty space. It finally makes sense why some people are described as "empty-headed."

When you hear non-science blokes talking about quantum physics, you can be dead sure they don't understand the first thing about it. And when you hear them (airy-fairy, head-in-the-clouds New Agers like Deepak Chopra) prefixing "quantum" to words left and right, you can be certain they're dumping nonsense on you.

Licauco just tirelessly keeps jamming his feet into his mouth and further and further down his throat. So how does Jimmy's immovable presence reflect upon the intellectual acuity/integrity of the Inquirer?

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