Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Punishing the yet to be conceived

The following just made me wince in disgust. That wacko (former) judge Floro now claims that he

was ordered by Luis ... to cleanse the Philippine Judiciary and Government of corruption and evil via the flashing of the highest lights, VIOLET and WHITE, thereby, inflicting temporal punishment of sickness, lingering illnesses, accidents, KARMA, CURSE and the SPELL upon those who receive BRIBES and abuse power (upon their loved ones and up to the 7th generation). [emphasis Floro's]

Punishing even the children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, great great ... of the culprits?! In his zeal to ferret out corruption, he too has become corrupt--morally. Using imaginary dwarves as a pretext he yearns to punish the offenders to the very hilt and even beyond what is called for such that he wishes to afflict the innocent, the unborn, and even the yet to be conceived! How awful a failure in ethical thinking. It's so ironic that one who dispenses justice would crave and exact such unjust, inhumane, and tyrannical retribution.

Floro should ask himself whether it is right and just that he, his parents, his children, his grandchildren should be punished for offenses, however grave, that any of his ancestors up to the seventh generation had committed.

This guy is a real goner.

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Judge Florentino V. Floro, Jr. said...

hi, i am judge floro

it is now 11 pm tuesday, here philippines,

here is my comment,

and i am willing to web cam chat you, if you desire....

The World is Governed by 4 Kinds of Elementals, with Luis as King, and just inhabited by Humans and Animals.

Retired Judge Graciano H. ARINDAY, JR., philosophy professor, had seen his days as RTC Judge of Silay City (which is famous for delicacies like pancit molo, the old houses and very hospitable dark complexioned natives). ARINDAY is surprisingly a mixed philosopher and paranormal teacher, reading from his scholarly researched opinion. It is so revealing about western thought and ancient civilization. He wrote the OPINION:

Arinday: The Earth is not just for humans and animals
By G.H. Arinday Jr., Sunfare [SUN.STAR BACOLOD], Tuesday, September 26, 2006


"Do you recall the three dwarf-friends of the cashiered regional trial court judge? Well, the story has not yet been closed as th
e judge, a believer of “etheric worlds beyond the world we know”, has filed a disbarment case against some of the leading lights of the High Tribunal. The action taken by dismissed Judge Florentino Floro of Malolos, Bulacan is unprecedented…"

ARINDAY’s mind tersely summarized Judge Floro’s 7 years painful case:

"In the case of the beleaguered judge and his three dwarf-friends, are there decisions he rendered that he was out of sync?"
He further explains:
”If ever the case of the former judge Florentino Floro, which has circulated around the globe through various blogs and print media reaching as far as South Africa, it would be an interesting discourse on the part of the magistrates assigned to assess the claim of said judge, even if it would debunk the existence of the dwarf-friends and the “psychical” elements.”

Remarkably, he ended the piece this way:

“And Judge Floro’s “misadventure” in the legal realm has merited a long long way for all those who share the beliefs that the Earth is not just for humans and animals.”

DISBARMENT CASE against some of the leading lights of the High Tribunal


A.C. NO. 7324 ****************

August 30, 2006 ---- FILING OF DISBARMENT CASES and 2nd Appeal (Motion to Admit 2nd Motion for Partial Reconsideration of Judge FLoro's Relief from Service on April 7, 2006) ---


The Yellow Rollo, A.C. No. 7324 actual Xerox copy pics uploaded:



On September 5, 2006, The Philippine Supreme Court, Office of the Bar Confidant, gave Due Course and DOCKETED Judge Floro's LANDMARK DISBARMENT case against former Chief Justice Hilario G. Davide, Jr. et al.

On September 8, 2006, the Supreme Court's Office of the Clerk of Court formally received the Yellow Rollo (photo copy above), and included this FIRST CASE in Philippine Judiciary on tuesday, September 12, 2006, for RAFFLE.



Third Division, Atty. Lucita A. Soriano,Telephone (02) 523-0823; Alex Montinola;
Chair, Justice Leonardo Quisumbing; members --- J. Tinga, Capio, Morales and Velasco,Jr. (agendum, mondays and wednesdays);
Office of the Bar Confidant (OBC) ,Telephone (02) 526-8122


Philippine Psychic Judge Florentino Floro Filed, on August 30/Wednesday, 2006 -


-with the Office of the Bar Confidant [(02) 526-8122; 525-7929, duly signed and initialed by Wilson, 3:20 p.m., Aug. 30, 2006],

(Ret.) Chief Justice Hilario G. Davide, Jr., Atty. Teresita Cruz-Sison, Atty. Alfredo L. Benipayo, (Ret.) Justice Pedro A. Ramirez, Atty. Thelma C. Bahia, Atty. Mary Jane Dacarra-Buenaventura, Atty. Esmeralda Galang-Dizon, Judge Benjamin M. Aquino, Jr., Atty. Ismael Khan, Atty. Mario E. Ongkiko, & (Ret.) Justice Bernardo P. Pardo,

B) Administrative Complaint versus: -with the Office of Administrative Services, Complaint and Investigation Division, S.C. Personnel, under Atty. Eden T. Candelaria [(02) 552-9552, duly signed and initialed by Manny, 2:30 p.m., Aug. 30, 2006],Mrs. Marilyn Puno Santiago (Private Secretary and Sister of Justice Reynato Puno and Dep Higher Ed Chair Carlito Puno) and Jasmin Mateo,(Court Personnel, Office of S.C. Senior Associate Justice Reynato Puno), and

C) Verified Letter/Omnibus Motion for Leave of Court to Admit And Granta) this Second Motion for Partial Reconsideration [of par. 2), page 74, of the DECISION (in this case)] andb) these Conjunctive Omnibus Motions - - -

with the Office of the Court Administrator, Legal, Documentation Division, [(02) 525-7158; 536-9797, duly signed and initialed by Wilson, 2:30 p.m., Aug. 30, 2006],

i) to Annul the Resolution of 11 August, 2006 [under Soria vs. Villegas, allowing 2nd/3rd Motions for Reconsideration of Dismissal of Judges, 11-18, 2004, A.M. No. RTJ-3-1812],

ii) to INHIBIT/DISQUALIFY S.C. Associate Justices Velasco, Jr., Austria-Martinez, Carpio-Morales, Corona & Ynares-Santiago,

iii) to Declare an Absolute DENIAL of DUE PROCESS of LAW and the Draft Decision prepared/supervised/finalized by Atty. Ma. Isabel Providencia Timbangkaya Solis a nullity,

iv) to DISBAR / Cite Atty. Mario Ongkiko in/for Indirect Contempt of Court & Marylin Puno Santiago and Jasmin Mateo for Obstruction of Justice (Using the Supreme Court Conference Hall for 3 hours – SPANISH CARD READING - to Convince (Mislead) Judge Floro to Predict the Appointment of Justice Puno as 22nd Chief Justice) and

v) To Lift the 7 Years Unconstitutional Suspension, Pendente Lite


Special Manifestation of:

a) Statement of Gratitute and Notice of Dismissal of Judge Floro’s Counsels-of-Record Atty. Batiller, Jr. & Atty. Saguisag (per Justice Hermosisima, Jr.’s suggestion, Feb. 10, 2006) and

b) Notice of filing of separate Disbarment Cases against (Ret.) Chief Justice Davide, Jr., (Ret.) Justices Pardo and Ramirez, Attys. Cruz-Sison, Benipayo, Ongkiko, Dacarra-Buenaventura, Dizon, Khan, Bahia, and Judge Aquino, Jr.

[References and related articles:

Arinday: Mind-boggling dismissal
By G.H. Arinday, Jr.,Sunfare, Monday, August 07, 2006


Some parts are quoted in view of the importance:

"THE case of dismissed regional trial court Judge Florentino Floro Jr. is really one oddity which may yet found a space in the Guinness World of Records. The judge's claim that he is a psychic and could foresee the future, let alone his declaration that he was being helped by his three dwarf-friends while in a trance in writing his decisions, is considered as "psychosis" by the Supreme Court. Such singular incident was taken notice by the believers of occult throughout the world and merited attention from no less than prestigious TV international programs like "Showbiz Tonight" and NBC's "Countdown" with Keith Olbermann.

Of course the High Tribunal did not declare the judge "insane" per se but suffering from psychosis. An honor student during his college days and a 12th placer in the 1983 Bar Examinations, the sacked magistrate is now enjoying his international fame and believes he has attained "immortality" together with his friends from the "elemental" realm.
But as A. J. Hammer of CNN's "Showbiz Tonight" asked why it took three long years for the highest court to decide, nobody has given a definite answer; it's mind-boggling."

Over 100 world reports, 1,000 blogs and forum discussions threads with more than 5,000 replies or comments (since April 7, 2006) on Judge Floro’s case made him and these 3 mystic dwarves not only sensational or weird international celebrities, but the psychic judge claimed IMMORTALTITY and not infamy, IN THE INDELLIBLE MEMORY OF WORLD JUDICIAL HISTORY.


A leading newspaper succinctly summed up this:

Dismissed judge, elfin pals claim immortality

HIS pals, “the imaginary dwarfs” Armand, Luis and Angel, may not have impressed the justices of the Supreme Court but, according to dismissed Judge Florentino Floro Jr., he and his three friends were superstars among psychics and believers of the occult throughout the world. Floro now claims that the news of his sacking—which came out on CNN, Time magazine and The New York Times, among more than a hundred international news agencies and publications—has given him and the three dwarfs “immortality.”


Just imagine, Justice William W. Bedsworth, a Court of Appeals Justice of California started a weblog site, just because of Judge Floro, and proudly he ---


Judges and Dwarfs Don't Mix

According to Reuters, "A Philippine judge who claimed he could see into the future and admitted consulting imaginary mystic dwarfs has asked for his job back after being sacked by the country's Supreme Court."

Wow. I'm too old to use the word "awesome," but I just don't know how else to describe that. As judicial flameouts go, that's Krakatoa. My hat's off to former-Judge Florentino Floro and his ... uh ... staff. Certainly, I can sympathize with that position. The prospect of judges being removed because of their personal belief systems is anathema to all of us.

Just imagine AGAIN, a prominent US Lawyer KEVIN UNDERHILL not only hosted a US Seminar on the subject, but he wrote THRICE about Judge Floro’s case:


Lowering the Bar Cited as International Precedent

"Judge Floro is asking for reinstatement and about four years' worth of back wages. As best I can tell from the pleadings, his argument is more or less that he should not have been separated from the bench just because of his beliefs, so long as he served his country and Malabon City in a fair and honorable manner. That's a fair point -- who would you rather have as a judge: somebody who takes bribes; or an honest guy who happens to have lightning teeth and well-educated spirit friends but can pass the hardest bar exam in the world? I know my answer."

Truly, corrupt judges are not caught... but statistics says that ---


"As in 1995, one-fourth of present lawyers say that many or very many judges are corrupt. Although half or 49 percent say they know a case in their own city or province where a judge took a bribe, only 8 percent said they reported the bribery. The main excuse of those who kept silent is that they could not prove it," the SWS said. Mangahas said the survey showed that corruption "remains a serious problem in the judicial system but it is not cultural."They're saying there's nothing to be done about (corruption) but it's not accepted. There's still the idealism," he said.

In the Latinrapper.com forum, Judge Floro's thread and case was voted the BEST EVER:
SAME as in ---




Judges Gone Wild, recently ---


I am known worldwide as the Philippine Psychic and Healing Judge (due to 100+ world reports, headlines - New York Times, UK The Times, etc. & 1,000 blogs / forum discussions, 5,000 replies - www.youtube.com type judge floro).