Thursday, August 03, 2006

They're calling in the cop in the sky

Since those psychic detectives are doing nothing but television entertainment productions, Lincolnshire residents are being asked to ring up the Head Cop for some badly needed help.

With fewer than one in ten burglaries solved, the power of the law seems to be fading fast.

So police are turning to the power of prayer instead.

Churches are to be given details of break-ins and other unsolved crimes in the hope that parishioners' pleas to God will produce a breakthrough.

Prayer Watch, as the scheme is called, is a 'spiritual twist' on the Neighbourhood Watch programme. Lincolnshire police are hoping it will help improve their crime clean-up rate.

It was proposed by members of the county's Christian Police Association.

Churches will receive regular e-mails about crimes in their area, enabling parishioners to focus their prayers on particular incidents such as burglaries and violent attacks.

Apparently, UK Christian policemen have evidence that supernatural means works:

[Inspector Andy McManus of Lincolnshire Christian Police Association] claimed winter casualty rates on the roads have been cut since the Bishop of Lincoln started blessing the council's fleet of gritting lorries. "We pray over the gritters in the winter and the casualty reduction rate has plummeted, it really has."

Most interesting, Inspector. Now tell me more about this non causa pro causa of yours.

Home Office figures show Lincolnshire police solved 10.8 per cent of burglaries last year, compared to an average of 17.2 per cent for similar forces.

Maybe they should be praying for a more competent police force instead.

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