Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What's worse than chain letters?

A certain James del Rosario spammed my egroup with this crap:


If you are interested, please reply to tutzdel@yahoo.com , I get lots of email, I may accidentally delete your inquiry. You could also contact me at 09162237863. If not interested, please refer to a friend in need, thanks mucho!


I recently stumbled upon a very good Filipino made product called bio enzyme plus made from fruit enzymes, all organically grown, naturally fermented without any chemical additives and gosh, it is very effective! I have been trying out so many herbal products and this one is just stunningly miraculous! Enzymes have the ability to catalyze any toxins inside your body and convert it into water so you could get rid of them through your stool, perspiration and urination thus freeing you of any disease that you are suffering from.

I have seen so many people suffering from stroke who after intaking enzymes you wouldn't even have the slightest idea they suffered from it. Diabetes patients totally cured from it, even regaining their eyesight, there was even one who actually was cured from gangrene avoiding amputation of her foot. Stage 4 breast cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer being totally free and cured from it. People about to go for a triple bypass cancelled after drinking enzymes, hypertension sufferer's blood pressure dropping to normal. Impotent men getting back their manhood from enzymes (a whole lot better than viagra!). Goiter (hypo or hyper thyroidism) and arthritis cured in less than 2 weeks.Would you believe that kids who are not able to speak any words could now do so because of bio enzymes. Lupus sufferers totally cured, psoriasis totally cured, even comatose patients whom doctors said would not live normally being able to walk and live normally as if nothing happened and so many other cases that you would normally think incurable, even AIDS!!!

Wow, if only we would turn back to mother nature, any disease known to man is actually curable. The science of it is so simple, backed by 15 years of research by top Russian, Japanese and Filipino scientists, they discovered that by just eliminating the root cause of the disease which are the toxins present in our bodies that we have accumulated through years of eating, drinking, inhaling toxins we would be totally free of any kind of disease we could be suffering from!!! This could not be achieved by herbal supplements, vitamins or any medicines, only enzymes have the ability to detoxify our bodies. Being catalysts, enzymes convert any toxins in your body into water so you could eliminate them through stool, sweat and pee. By cleansing yourself of these harmful toxins, the damage that was done in your body will be repaired as our cells have the natural ability to repair themselves, thus healing us of any disease.

You just might know of people who are sick and have nowhere else to turn to, people who just want to feel better, people sick and tired of drinking medicines etc etc. I could conduct a scientific health seminar (only 15 minutes) for them to further explain the benefits. It could be one on one or big group type. You could contact me thru my landline, I am from Quezon city 4356430 or globe 09162237863.

Sincerely yours,

Tutz del Rosario
(02) 4356430 09162237863

Dear Tutz,

Look out your window. Have the guys from the NBI arrived?


Danny Boy, FCD said...

Tsk tsk tsk, that is just lame. I hope his racket gets shut down by the authorities.

joyfulchicken said...

Just got the exact same message today. Nice to see snake oil making a comeback :-P

Raquel Rivera Ford said...

This person has flooded the emails of Los Angeles County employees of her snake oil. If you google this person's name, Ja,es/Tutz del Rosario he/she has his/her hands into everything. She is into Overseas workers, real estate, make-money-by-clicking-internet sites, franchising, blogs, etc... One can tell of anyone who is seriously and truthfully believes in his product, as he has a lot of integrity. But just one look at what comes up w/ google and you know what kind of junk you're dealing here. I'm not saying that he/she may be into this business seriously, but giving "15 minute seminars?"
Oh for goodness sakes, I would say BUYER BEWARE!

Anonymous said...

i just got email for this person...good thing i googled his name....thks..guys

Anonymous said...

I just received the same e-mail from him...scary! People like him should be hunted down...beware!